VY1 Collection – European digital technology printed matt Granite tiles

VY1 is the first collection by VIET Y Tile, representing the distinctive imprint of VIET Y in delivering to customers a tile brand with “Idea is Infinite” 

Suitable for a variety of application spaces.

VY1 meets high-quality standards while emphasizing modern design, offering customers an experience of living spaces that are cozy, natural yet incredibly luxurious and modern.

The prominent features of the VY1 design:


Granite bone structure ensures durability, hardness, high flexural strength, minimizing the risk of cracks.

Matt finishes with a Topcoat layer that resists scratches, is anti-dirt and easy to clean.

Manufacturing assembly line, raw materials, and European-imported colored enamel.


VY1 floor tiles 60x60cm

VY1 60x60cm boasts 12 sophisticated designs inspired by nature, with sharp and clear patterns contributing to creating a modern space that stands the test of time !

gạch lát sàn 60x60cm




VY1 wall tiles 30x60cm

Capturing the latest trend, the 30×60 cm tile design is applied across various spaces, most commonly used for wall tiling in smaller areas like bathrooms, kitchens, or medium-sized areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, and workspaces. Moreover, the 30×60 cm tiles are even utilized in larger spaces like foyers, exterior walls,.. showcasing limitless creative possibilities.


Discover here VY1 produce range

Why should you choose VY1 for your space?

Produced at the VIET Y Song Cong factory, proactively engaged in production and optimizing finished product quality.

A highly experienced product development team collaborates with Italian designers who understand and capture trends.

Modern manufacturing lines, System digital printing module from Italia, color glaze imported from Spain.

A 178-meter-long kiln reaching temperatures up to 1200 degrees Celsius, delivering high-quality products with sharp tile patterns, durable glazed surfaces, and low water absorption below 0.25%.

Utilizing a matte glazed surface with a protective layer to resist scratches, enhancing the tile’s durability over prolonged use.

Granite structure capable of withstanding high pressure, excellent waterproofing, and high hardness.


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