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The VY1 Collection is a journey that invites customers into the realm of nature, allowing them to experience it through every touchpoint. Drawing inspiration from the pristine beauty of untouched nature, alongside a focus on practical applications and customer experience, VY1 aspires to embark on a journey of constructing an ideal living space.



 Focusing on popular and highly functional tile lines, the VY1 collection primarily develops in two dimension categories, 30x60cm and 60x60cm.


Dimensions 60×60 cm

The 60x60cm tile series features a moderately large size, enhancing living spaces with a touch of sophistication, while still offering a plethora of optimal choices in terms of designs, cost, and practical usage.











The 60x60cm tile models in the VY1 collection feature a palette of soft neutral colors.

Dimensions 30x30cm

The 30×60 cm tile size is a popular choice widely used in various spaces. Its most common applications include wall tiling in smaller areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, or medium-sized spaces like bedrooms, living rooms, and offices. With creative input from architects, the 30×60 cm tiles can even be innovatively employed in larger spaces such as entrance halls or exterior walls, adding a unique touch.










VY1 and the bright-dark color palettes for every space.


Color can be considered a key factor when customers choose tile products, reflecting aesthetic and personalization aspects within each space. The VY1 collection offers a diverse range of colors, spanning from light to dark tones, with a neutral inclination. These are all easily combinable hues, creating impactful effects and contributing to the construction of spaces tailored to the homeowner’s preferences.


Elegant light tones create a sense of spaciousness.

White and Beige: The white and beige hues create a comfortable and sophisticated ambiance. In living rooms and family spaces, these colors enhance natural light and contribute to a spacious feel.

Light gray: Opting for light gray creates an elegant and modern atmosphere, highlighting decorative details and artistry within the space.

Warm and sophisticated dark tones.

Dark gray: The elegance and warmth of deep earthy tones. Dark gray, with its luxurious and warm undertones, is often applied in bedrooms and dining rooms. This color scheme creates a private and sophisticated space.

The vibrant color palette brings a fresh and dynamic feel.

The prominence of yellow and orange is often chosen to serve as focal points in living rooms and workspaces. This is an ideal choice for those looking to create vibrant and energetic spaces. 


With the VY1 collection, you can seamlessly blend different color palettes, fostering a sense of uniqueness and reflecting your own creativity. The contrast between colors creates focal points and harmony within the space.


Explore the visual scenes featuring VY1 in various spaces; perhaps, this could serve as an inspiration to creatively craft an ideal living environment.

The living room and bedroom focus on luxury and impression.

Living room: 60x60cm size with a smooth matt enamel surface and minimal grout lines, elevate the living room, adding a touch of sophistication. The bright color palette creates a comfortable atmosphere, while darker brown or black tones contribute to a cozy and elegant ambiance.

Bedroom: The color diversity within the collection allows you to create a personalized sleeping space. Combining both 30x60cm and 60x60cm sizes adds flexibility, catering to spaces ranging from cozy nooks to spacious bedrooms.


The kitchen and bathroom prioritize convenience and aesthetics.

The kitchen utilizes tiles with a matte enamel surface that is easy to clean, making VY1 tiles the ideal choice for those who appreciate convenience. The creative colors contribute to a clean and fresh space, serving as focal points in the cooking area.


Darker or lighter colors are suitable for more private spaces such as bathrooms. The matte enamel surface not only ensures cleanliness but also creates a comfortable environment, reducing the risk of slipping. With a water absorption rate of only 0.5%, these tiles maintain durability even after extended use.


Commercial projects reimagined with elegance and durability

VY1 collection are not just a choice for residential spaces but also a sophisticated option for commercial projects. With anti-slip properties, water resistance, and high durability, VY1 becomes a suitable choice for public areas such as restaurants, hotels, offices, schools, ensuring a blend of style and resilience.

From the comfort of the bedroom to the elegance of the kitchen, VY1 accentuates every space, seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetics with perfection.


VY1 is the exquisite combination of stone, sand, and marble patterns.

Classic and elegant stone patterns

Stone patterns are often employed to create classical and refined spaces. Suitable for living rooms and dining areas, stone patterns evoke a sense of stability and comfort. On the other hand, these patterns can also introduce a contrasting element, ideal for spaces seeking to make a bold statement.


The gentle and intimate sand pattern

The sand pattern provides a gentle and intimate touch, making the space warm and friendly. This is an excellent choice for bedrooms, where you aim to create a comfortable and tranquil environment.


Artistic and elegant marble patterns

The marble patterns in the VY1 tile collection symbolize purity and sophistication, with smooth white veins that exude elegance and luxury. Each tile resembles a work of art, showcasing the artistic style and aesthetic taste of the homeowner.


The prominent features of the VY1 collection:


  1. Granite bone structure ensures durability, hardness, high flexural strength, minimizing the risk of cracks.
  2. Matt finishes with a Topcoat layer that resists scratches, is anti-dirt and easy to clean.
  3. Manufacturing assembly line, raw materials, and European-imported colored enamel.



VY1 collection not only showcases diversity in colors and sizes but also captivates users with its exquisite beauty. The flexibility in design offers boundless creativity for every living space.

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